> So the VNC client attaches successfully to the server, but the output is
> just a black screen? IMHO, that looks more like a guest or VNC issue
> rather than a Xen/Qemu one. Have you tried different guest OSes and
> different VNC clients? (TigerVNC Viewer has always worked fine for me).
> But regarding your question: no, Xen Dom0 doesn't require X at all in
> order to run.
I tried other guest OS's and VNC clients with the same result and came to the 
conclusion that all of my guest OS's were not booting.  All of my VNC clients 
displayed the name of the guest OS in the margin, but had a black screen.  I 
looked at the 'xl list' billboard and the guest OS did not have a 'r' in the 
column.  The startup log for all of the guests had this line:

'xen be core: can't open gnttab device'

My guess is that the 'gnttab' device is critical to a guest startup.  I could 
not find any reference to this item.  What am I missing?


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