On 11/05/2015 09:00 AM, Larry Baird wrote:
> Roger,
>> Adding the persons that contributed that code in case they can shed some
>> light.

Removing John Suykerbuyk's outdated address.  I don't have a current 
address for him.  And replacing my spectralogic email address with my 
FreeBSD one.

>> El 03/11/15 a les 21.12, Larry Baird ha escrit:
>>> Has anybody made any progress on "Bug 188261 - [xen] FreeBSD DomU PVHVM
>>> guests cannot 'route' traffic for other Xen PV guests on same Dom0 Host."
>>> (https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=188261)?
>>> The code for checksum calculation in the function xnb_add_mbuf_cksum() looks
>>> suspect.
>>>          switch (iph->ip_p) {
>>>          case IPPROTO_TCP:
>>>                  if (mbufc->m_pkthdr.csum_flags & CSUM_IP_VALID) {
>>>                          size_t tcplen = ntohs(iph->ip_len) - sizeof(struct 
>>> ip);
>>>                          struct tcphdr *th = (struct tcphdr*)(iph + 1);
>>>                          th->th_sum = in_pseudo(iph->ip_src.s_addr,
>>>                              iph->ip_dst.s_addr, htons(IPPROTO_TCP + 
>>> tcplen));
>>>                          th->th_sum = in_cksum_skip(mbufc,
>>>                              sizeof(struct ether_header) + 
>>> ntohs(iph->ip_len),
>>>                              sizeof(struct ether_header) + (iph->ip_hl << 
>>> 2));
>>>                  }
>>>                  break;
>>>          case IPPROTO_UDP:
>>>                  if (mbufc->m_pkthdr.csum_flags & CSUM_IP_VALID) {
>>>                          size_t udplen = ntohs(iph->ip_len) - sizeof(struct 
>>> ip);
>>>                          struct udphdr *uh = (struct udphdr*)(iph + 1);
>>>                          uh->uh_sum = in_pseudo(iph->ip_src.s_addr,
>>>                              iph->ip_dst.s_addr, htons(IPPROTO_UDP + 
>>> udplen));
>>>                          uh->uh_sum = in_cksum_skip(mbufc,
>>>                              sizeof(struct ether_header) + 
>>> ntohs(iph->ip_len),
>>>                              sizeof(struct ether_header) + (iph->ip_hl << 
>>> 2));
>>>                  }
>>>                  break;
>>>          default:
>>>                  break;
>>>          }
>>> Both in_pseudo() and in_cksum_skip() set the same checksum. Does this
>>> make since to anybody?

Though it looks weird, I think it's actually correct.  th->th_sum lies 
within the packet that it inspected by in_cksum_skip. in_cksum_skip 
skips the ethernet and IP headers, but not the TCP header.  So it 
consumes whatever value was previously set in th_sum.  In any case, it 
will be easy to check this code by running the builtin unit tests.  Just 
build the kernel with XNB_DEBUG defined, instantiate an xnb interface, 
and do "sysctl dev.xnb.0.unit_test_results".

>> The bug you are referring to affects FreeBSD when running as a guest
>> using xen-netfront, but the code snipped above and the function
>> referenced (xnb_add_mbuf_cksum) is only used on FreeBSD when running as
>> a host (AKA Dom0) by xen-netback.
>> TBH, I don't know that much about FreeBSD network subsystem to have an
>> opinion, but it certainly looks weird. Patches are welcome :).
> Xyper-V has a similar forward issue. I found they were misusing csum_flags
> and were always attempting to do checksum offloading if CSUM_IP_VALID was
> set. I have given them a patch that fixes the issue. I was hoping that
> Xen's issue was similar.  I found the issue above by looking at all uses
> of csum_flags in sys/dev/xen. It is hard to tell what the correct fix
> is, without fulling understand the protocal used when communicating between
> backend and frontend of Xen.
> I am sure issue with XEN guest forwarding has to with checksum offloading.
> If I am not misinterpreting your comments, I can ignore code in netback and
> concentrate on code in netfront when trying to understand what is going wrong.
> Thank you for some insite,
> Larry

FWIW, there is a performance problem with Xen and checksums. Whenever 
FreeBSD is used as a dom0, checksum offloading should be disabled on the 
netfronts.  I don't know if the same problem exists on other OSes, but 
it might.  See xnb(4) for more details about this problem.

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