El 05/11/15 a les 21.37, Thomas Laus ha escrit:
>> Is there anything else in the Qemu logs?
>> Also, can you post the output of `xl -vvv create <guest_cfg>` and `xl
>> list` while the domain is running?
> I can't capture the 'xl -vvv create freebsd.cfg output to a file.  This 
> computer doesn't have a functioning 'X' installation.  The redirect to a file 
> '>' does not capture anything.

xl debug messages go to stderr, not stdout, so you have to use "2>"
instead of ">" in order to do the redirection. Setting up a ssh server
on the Dom0 and using it remotely will also help ;).

> ========
> The output of 'xl list':
> Name             ID  Mem     VCPUs      Stat      Time(s)
> Domain-0         0   2048    4      r-----      23.5
> FreeBSD          1   512     1      ------       0.0

It looks like the guest called FreeBSD is not running at all. Can you
paste the configuration file of your domain also?

Can you also paste the output of `xl dmesg` after trying to launch the

Which revision of FreeBSD are you running in the Dom0?

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