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El 06/11/15 a les 13.23, Michael Reifenberger ha escrit:
before analyzing deeper I just wanted to ask if the following symptoms
are already known:

- Often / Mostly the FreeBSD dom0 hangs without further output during
poweroff (reboot works though)

Yes, I'm aware of this issue, unfortunately the way to solve it it's not

In order to do a proper power off when running as Dom0 we would have to
modify ACPICA code, which is a separate upstream project that's used by
a bunch of different OSes. Linux does it this way, but then they have to
keep all this local modifications on top of upstream ACPICA, which
increases the maintainership burden.

How big are the diffs to the original version?
Have you asked upstream already if the Patches would be accepted?

- The same happens  mostly for the Centos7 guests I'm currently testing.

Do you mean that CentOS 7 guests do not poweroff properly? Are those PV
or HVM guests?

Yes, as it seems. They are HVM for first installation and PV afterwards.
BTW: How can one specify pv disks to a HVM guest (Some guests get more than 4 disks)?
Something like the following is not accepted:
disk=   [

I usually use Debian guests when I have to test Linux and have never
experienced this.

SUSE SLES11SP2 also seems not affected.

- Sometimes (usually after some uptime and/or many guest reboots) the
  (ZFS Zvols in my case) seems to get wedged (guest hang during startup)...

Yes, I've also experienced this once or twice. The problem is that the
blkback error path can get deadlocked depending on the situation. I have
to look into cleaning it when I have some time.

Since bapt@ stepped down from maintaining the xen ports:
Has someone already tried to use xen 4.6 kernel and tools?



Michael Reifenberger

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