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El 26/12/15 a les 15.26, Daisuke Aoyama ha escrit:
Hi all,

I'm creating NAS4Free dom0 edition.
This is simple wrapper of Xen/dom0/FreeBSD.

You can upgrade by same way of NAS4Free.
You can manage HDD, ZFS, iSCSI target, NFS share by same way of NAS4Free.
You can manage DomU(VM) via WebGUI.

Japanese blog:

NAS4Free dom0 topic in English:

Latest download:

How to install:
1.Download LiveCD iso image.
2.Burn to CD/DVD-RW blank disc.
3.Boot from it.
(if your server don't have an optical drive, please use an external USB
optical drive)
4.Install to USB Flash drive (2GB or more) from menu #9.
5.Reboot the server after ejecting CD/DVD media.

How to upgrade:
1.Navigate to System|Firmware in global menu from web browser.
2.Click "Enable Firmware Update".
3.Select NAS4Free-dom0-embedded-*.img.xz. (don't decompress the image)
4.Click "Upgrade Firmware".

I forget to write. You should backup the config from System|Backup/Restore 
before upgrading.

At least you need a bridge interface before using.
Please create it from Network|Interface Management|Bridge.
You can change boot parameters from System|Advanced|loader.conf.
If you are interested in the xl.cfg, it is created in

Thanks for doing this, I just gave it a try and it worked out of the
box, I was able to create and launch a Windows VM in less than 2min,
quite impressive :).

Thank you for trying.

Known issues:
uuid generation of ports/sysutils/xen-tools is broken. You cannot
control by UUID.
(quick hack patch is attached this mail)

I've given a look at the patch, but I have to admit I know very little
about UUID, yet it seems like you should not poke directly at the
internal uuid_t fields. I've created another patch which I *think*
should solve the UUID issues, could you test it please? It should apply
cleanly against Xen 4.5.


Your patch does not work as expected.
You can test it under normal FreeBSD. First create UUID by uuidgen(1):

# uuidgen

Insert the UUID to your VM config (see also /usr/local/etc/xen/vm-<VMNAME>.cfg):
uuid = "4c90eb5a-adee-11e5-a747-001b2157b424"

Run the VM:
# xl create name.cfg

Check by xl list:
# xl list -v
# xl list -l

Your patched result is here:
[root@nas4free-xen ~]# xl list -v
Name ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s) UUID Reason-Code Security Label Domain-0 0 4096 4 r----- 202.8 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 - - nas4free 4 2048 2 -b---- 51.1 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 - -

xnb device performance is terrible.
(it eats 100% CPU on intr while transferring via bridged 10GbE)

I haven't seen this, but I'm not surprised (I also don't have a 10GbE
card at hand right now). There's a lot of fine tuning and bug fixing to
do regarding the backends. I plan to get with this once the PVH
implementation is stable.

I feel UUID is very small thing than performance 70% drop down via xnb.

Daisuke Aoyama

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