El 4/2/16 a les 11:59, Gerd Hafenbrack ha escrit:
> Hello,
> I read on http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/FreeBSD_Dom0 the following:
>> ... to run a FreeBSD PVH Dom0 an Intel box with EPT and a working IOMMU is 
>> required.
> Why only intel and not an AMD CPU with Rapid Virtualization Indexing
> (RVI) and IOMMU as well?

There's no technical reason on why this was done this way. It's just
that the original PVH implementation inside of Xen was badly designed,
and one of the results is the lack of support on AMD hardware. This is
not related to FreeBSD at all, Linux has the same exact problem.

I'm (together with other people) currently working on removing this (and
other) stupid limitation by doing a proper implementation of PVH inside
of Xen. This new implementation is ATM called HVMlite. Sadly I can not
yet provide an ETA on when this is going to be finished. Once HVMlite is
finished inside of Xen FreeBSD will hopefully be able to run on AMD
hardware just like it does on Intel one. I will do a HEADS UP once this
is in testing state.


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