El 22/2/16 a les 9:37, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
> El 19/02/16 a les 12:19, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
>>    I'm retaking this issue. I have an spare dual Xeon Intel(R) Xeon(R)
>> CPU E5-2420 box I can use for this. It currently uses 10.2-prerealse (as
>> of july 2015 more or less) but I can update it to head if necessary.
>    Hi,
>    Sorry, the box has two E5620 CPUs. I've checked in the ark and they
> support vt-d, but the xen kernel complains about the iommu (that is,
> vt-d support). Apparently iommu is there (acpidump -t | grep DMAR shows
> something). I tried booting forcing iommu [1] but no joy.

It might be that the IOMMU has an errata and Xen refuses to enable it.
Can you provide the serial output when you try to boot Xen + FreeBSD?
You might have to add console="com1,vga" to your xen_cmdline (although
AFAIK that's the default).

The command line looks fine IMHO.

>    On the other hand I'm still not sure whether the hotplug patches
> still need to be applied or not, I've checked them and I'd say that both
> the kernel and xen-tools need to be patched, am I right?

Yes, both series need to be applied. If you find issues applying them
ping me and I can rebase them if needed.


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