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El 23/02/16 a les 11:22, Roger Pau Monné ha escrit:
> I need to update the port anyway (will try to do it tomorrow), so I can
> also add the patches while there.
>>    Regarding the hotplug stuff, I reworked the patches to the kernel (it
>> applied but with displacements) and two of the xen-tools ones. Do you
>> want me to post them somewhere?
> Yes please, although I'm not sure when I will have time to work on those.
   Hi Roger,

   I got some time to test the changes, but I'm hitting some problems:

  * There's something wrong with the hotplug patches (I guess the
    xen-tools patches). xl complains about a block script missing under
    ${LOCALBASE}/etc/xen/scripts (IIRC).
  * If I restore xen-tools to version on the ports tree, but I keep the
    kernel hotplug patch,  when starting the first domU domain the box
    panics because of xenwatch.

   The panic is here [1]. The addr2line tells me the problem IP points
to sys/dev/xen/xenstore/xenstore.c:1020.

   I don't know where this comes from, because I did set up a core i5
box (installed it in a rush, installed the xen packages from the main
repo) and I was able to create a domU HVM domain with no problems.

   To recap, the offending box has:

  * xen-kernel + patches at [2] (needed with this machine because of the
    problem while at the ata code)
  * FreeBSD kernel + hotplug patch at [3]
  * xen-tools from the ports tree. If I apply the hotplug patches (I'll
    post the rebased versions in a moment) the machines does not panic
    but fails about some script not found

   I hope I made the current situation clear. I the meantime I'm gonna
revert [3] and test what happens.

   If you need any further debugging info let me know.


[2] ttps://

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