El 23/2/16 a les 16:09, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
>   Resending it to mailing list.
> El 23/02/16 a les 11:22, Roger Pau Monné ha escrit:
>> I need to update the port anyway (will try to do it tomorrow), so I can
>> also add the patches while there.
>>>    Regarding the hotplug stuff, I reworked the patches to the kernel (it
>>> applied but with displacements) and two of the xen-tools ones. Do you
>>> want me to post them somewhere?
>> Yes please, although I'm not sure when I will have time to work on those.
>    Hi Roger,
>    I got some time to test the changes, but I'm hitting some problems:
>   * There's something wrong with the hotplug patches (I guess the
>     xen-tools patches). xl complains about a block script missing under
>     ${LOCALBASE}/etc/xen/scripts (IIRC).
>   * If I restore xen-tools to version on the ports tree, but I keep the
>     kernel hotplug patch,  when starting the first domU domain the box
>     panics because of xenwatch.
>    The panic is here [1]. The addr2line tells me the problem IP points
> to sys/dev/xen/xenstore/xenstore.c:1020.
>    I don't know where this comes from, because I did set up a core i5
> box (installed it in a rush, installed the xen packages from the main
> repo) and I was able to create a domU HVM domain with no problems.
>    To recap, the offending box has:
>   * xen-kernel + patches at [2] (needed with this machine because of the
>     problem while at the ata code)
>   * FreeBSD kernel + hotplug patch at [3]
>   * xen-tools from the ports tree. If I apply the hotplug patches (I'll
>     post the rebased versions in a moment) the machines does not panic
>     but fails about some script not found
>    I hope I made the current situation clear. I the meantime I'm gonna
> revert [3] and test what happens.
>    If you need any further debugging info let me know.

Thanks, I've also realized about this error and fixed it in new version.
I've just send the libxl side of this work for review:


I've also realized that at least one change is needed in the hypervisor
for this to work properly, I will prepare the series so that you can
apply them to the xen-kernel and xen-tools ports, together with the
FreeBSD blkback changes that are needed for this to work. I will
hopefully be able to send them tomorrow morning.


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