El 26/02/16 a les 19:15, Roger Pau Monné ha escrit:
> I'm not a maintainer of libxl myself, but my first suggestion would be
> to store this information inside of xenstore. There's already a "/libxl"
> directory used in order to stash some toolstack specific info, adding a
> new directory/hierarchy there to store the local attachments seems like
> the best option IMHO.

   That would surely be the best option and makes a lot of sense. And
that way both PV and HVM guest would use the same storage for hotplug
disks, having thus an unified way to storage that info.

   Next monday I'll take a look a the hotplug script for PV (I don't
know if I'll be able to apply your patches this weekend) and then do the
hacking to support HVM guests.

   Thank you for you help,

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