El 26/02/16 a les 14:08, Roger Pau Monné ha escrit:
> It shouldn't be too hard, as I said the code is already there. The
> only issue I foresee is that you will have to find somewhere to store
> the information about the disk you have locally-attached, so you can
> remove it when the guest is destroyed.

   Hi Roger,

   I applied the hotplug patches to xen-[kernel|tools] and the machine
is stable. However, when I try to create a HVM domU domain with a simple
block script it fails (.

   I have some questions:

  * The arguments of the block script are path and action, am I right?
  * Do the block scripts for Linux and NetBSD receive the same arguments
    as the FreeBSD script?
  * I see the device has a  type (phy, file, iscsi) in the definition of
    the domain, but I'm not sure how to check its type in the block
    script (I can check if the file is a block device or a regular file,
    but what about iscsi?, check if the target param is set?)
  * Also. I have a domain defined with two disks. In the block script I
    try to execute xenstore-ls and I'd expect to see two disks there,
    but  there's only the first one. I assume this is because the block
    script is called for each disk in the domain definition

   Finally, I ended having a disk defined in the xenstore
(/var/db/xenstore) which I can't remove. I removed xen-tools and removed
/var/db/xen{store} but it keeps complaining. I'd have expected that the
store was under /var/db/ but perhaps I'm missing something.

   Thank you,


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