>   finally $WORK gave me a few time to spend and I managed to have
> something that works with 'sh' (ash). It'd need some comments here and
> there, but it works. I'll post the scripts somewhere when I got time, or
> would you prefer diff?

   HI Roger,

   here [1], [2] there are the first versions of the block and locking
scripts. Perhaps those scripts need more comments, I don't know. I did
not have much time these days, that's why it took me a bit.

   OTOH I'm not sure if there is any xen programming style I needed to
follow. If so let me know.

   Let me know your thoughts,


[1] http://pastebin.com/FhaQeuG1
[2] http://pastebin.com/ZHWKRg5f
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