See this PR from 2014 -->

(there another earlier about the same error message on 9.X and that was
fixed on 10-CURRENT at the time, but was "broke" later)

The issue happen with any NetBSD version from 5.x to 7.x with any xen
version but it only stared in FreeBSD 10-Current, so I was always inclined
to this being a regression in 10 not a NetBSD backend issue. Also I did
post in netbsd mailling list and the reply was something in the lines of
"was working fine, nothing changed at our side, so its probably FreeBSD

Also as I posted in that PR I experienced a similar issue with Windows
GPLPV drivers and the dev fixed it, the issue was that certain features
were not supported and the frontend just assume they were cause that's how
it works on linux, and I'm no expert so I can go into much detail, but it
was related to checksum, tso and I think gso.

I tried to bisect the git commits, but there was simply to much changes,
what I did find was that this never worked on 10.x +++ only 9, anyway
everything was reported there and eventually I got no replies back so I
gave up on NetBSD+FreeBSD-10.

Unfortunately this needs someone with proper skills on either side
(netbsd/freeBSD) to be fixed, the perfect solution would be to add NetBSD
backend support for this things (just not sure if its worth the time for
the possible performance gain!? - also that's a question for the NetBSD
folks ofc)
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