On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 08:32:43PM +0100, Miguel C wrote:
> Somewhat related to this is the fact that at some point "xenhvm" as not
> longer available as a module, this means if I want to upgrade 9.3 machine
> to 10.3 with freebsd-update I get stuck with the bug, but before this
> change I could just patch the xenhvm module and rebuild the single module...

With previous FreeBSD 9.X versions, in order to get Xen support you had to 
compile a specific kernel (XENHVM), we wanted to remove this for FreeBSD 10, 
so we included the Xen components into the GENERIC kernel and made sure 
there were no weird interactions on bare metal. However, this change was 
too big to merge into 9, so in order to try to improve the situation on 9 
Colin decided to pack all the Xen support into a kernel module, in order to 
remove the need to compile a specific kernel for Xen VMs.

And I guess if you want to update from 9.X to 10.X you will have to remove 
the xenhvm_load="YES" from your loader file.
> Now I guess I need to rebuild the full kernel to do it? Or is there a way
> around that?

Yes, on 10.X you will have to rebuild the full kernel in order to get the 

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