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pcaps are at (for a short time)

These are xn0.pcap.san and xn1.pcap.san ('.san' because I sanitised them to
remove local LAN/switch chatter etc.)

This shows a Windows 7 host on the same XenServer node trying to get to
'' in Internet Explorer via the FreeBSD domU.

When testing I tried:

  Windows 7 <--> FreeBSD Current w/patches <--> Internet


  FreeBSD 10.3-R p3 <--> FreeBSD Current w/patches <--> Internet

In both cases moving the FreeBSD Current domU off of the same XenServer node
(to a different one in the pool) it works, but not if all the domU's are on the
same XenServer node [i.e. as before].

If you need anything else, let me know,


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