On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 12:01:16PM +0200, Hoyer-Reuther, Christian wrote:
> Hello Roger,
> my test machine is now running HEAD (r303131) amd64 with 
> xe-guest-utilities-6.0.2 (from HEAD ports r418911). My XenServer environment 
> is still the same.
> When I migrate the VM to another host then the migration finishes but at the 
> end of migration the VM console switches to the VGA BIOS screen (Plex86/Bochs 
> VGABios ...).
> The VM console freezes, the VM is not reachable over network and in XenCenter 
> I see the first 2 CPU's go up to 100 percent.
> Then after 10 minutes the CPU usage goes down, the VM console is responsive 
> and the machine is reachable over network. And the time is in sync (not in 
> future).
> Maybe I used the wrong path to setup a machine with HEAD - I upgraded 
> 10.3-RELEASE to HEAD.
> I will do a 2nd test using the 
> FreeBSD-11.0-ALPHA6-amd64-20160701-r302303-disc1.iso and then update to the 
> latest revision. Maybe this way is more clean and will bring other results.
> But I'm not sure if I will get this finished today. I will be in vacation 
> from Monday and then let you know when I'm finished.


In my environment I've migrated a FreeBSD VM with 2 cpus for > 100 
consecutive times without seeing any issues (or freezes), although this was 
with OSS Xen and without xe-guest-utilities. Karl, have you tested HEAD 

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