On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 02:29:10PM +0200, Hoyer-Reuther, Christian wrote:
> Hello,
> sorry for the late response, but now I'm back from vacation and did some new 
> tests.
> I installed a new VM using the 
> FreeBSD-11.0-ALPHA6-amd64-20160701-r302303-disc1.iso, then updated to HEAD 
> r303908 and installed xe-guest-utilities-6.2.0_2 from HEAD ports r420055. 
> Xenguest_enable="YES" is set in /etc/rc.conf.
> I tested VM migration from XenCenter (XenMotion).
> There are no more time issues after migration.
> I did 4 migrations and at 2 migrations I noticed the following problems:
> When the migration finishes then the VM console switches to the VGA BIOS 
> screen (Plex86/Bochs VGABios ...), the VM console freezes, the VM is not 
> reachable over network and in XenCenter I see the first 2 CPU's raising up to 
> 100 percent. Screenshots attached.

Hm, not sure what's going on there, and why you seem to be the only one to 
hit this issue. Are you maybe booting with boot_verbose="YES"?

> Then after 10 minutes the CPU usage goes down, the VM console is responsive 
> again and the machine is reachable over network.

Hm, could you give a try to 11.0-RC1 when it comes out? It should be out 
today or tomorrow (builds are already underway).

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