Am 2016-08-16 13:08, schrieb Roger Pau Monné:

And FreeBSD on bare metal is equally fast as Linux then? (ie: the slowdown
is only noticeable when running FreeBSD on Xen)


I should clarify a bit more.
The task involves 12000 (simple) MySQL-Queries, where the script basically selects the numbers 1...4000 from a table (it's stupid, I know) and then proceeds to run a for i in ... loop 4000 times which consists of three other sql-queries, where the WHERE-clause is constrained by the value from above.

We've now found that indeed MariaDB is much faster on Xen-Linux than Xen-FreeBSD.

The tables all use innodb and the DB is sitting on UFS (in the FreeBSD-on-Xen case, the FreeBSD-on-bare-metal has ZFS).
Linux is using ext4.

Could this really be an UFS vs. ext4 thing?

I assume that optimizations in MariaDB 10.1 lead to less disk-activity.

I haven't had a chance to try MariaDB on Linux on bare-metal (we don't really have one where I could test this ATM).

If you can provide me with some way to synthesize this workload that doesn't involve setting up the full stack plus your app I can try to reproduce it
locally and analyze it in order to find the bottlenecks.

It's a bit of a pain to setup (mariadb, php-fpm, nginx). Also, you need some files from another framework (apparently)....

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