On 21/09/2016 11:26 AM, Colin Percival wrote:
On 09/21/16 09:13, Michael Sierchio wrote:
Also check if there is a resource limit imposed by AWS. If you are bumping
into that, a simple request can get the limit raised for a particular
availability zone.
AWS limits can be an issue, but it would be a limit on the number or size of
the EBS volumes can *create*.  Once volumes are created, AWS limits won't
affect whether you can attach them to instances or whether the instances can
see the attached volumes, so I doubt that's what Julian was running into.

yes, Colin has it right.. our virtual device is based on 8.0 plus patches from later, and can't see all the devices we create.

I am moving to 10.3 this week so the problem may be self fixing.

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