On 10/31/16 7:27 PM, Colin Percival wrote:
On 10/31/16 14:57, Pete Wright wrote:
On 10/31/16 2:08 PM, Colin Percival wrote:
On 10/31/16 13:44, Pete Wright wrote:
hey all - this is regarding the following bug i've opened:


tl;dr version is that on 11.0-RELEASE on EC2 when i invoke "systat -ifstat"
the egress data flows for the xn0 device do not update. verified it works as
expected on 10.3-RELEASE.  tried reading through code but am pretty confused
as to how xn0 is created and what code is used to update the sysctl MIBs.

I think this might be fixed by r308126.  Can you try applying that patch and
report back?

hrm doesn't look like it has changed anything on my end.

i applied this patch against the 11.0.1 svn source:

then built/installed a kernel after applying this patch with no change. I
don't think i need to rebuild world for this, right?

Hmm, that should have worked.  (Assuming you rebooted into the new kernel,
of course.)

I'm out of ideas... maybe someone on the -xen list will know more...

thanks Colin - I'll double check my work tomorrow morning and ping -xen if i'm still having issues.


Pete Wright
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