Not sure if anyone else has seen this....

Fresh install of xenserver 7 on two dell PE's, local storage only for
xenserver 7 installation on each. All VM storage via iscsi to a nas
(multipath, split between two  stacked dell powerconnect switches that are
properly configured for iscsi traffic).

Freebsd11-Release iso used to spin up a few freebsd VM's, and
xe-guest-utilities-6.2.0_2 added via 'pkg install'.

Live migration from one host to the other works fine (doesn't matter which
of the two hosts is the source and which is the destination). But after it
is done migrating if you then do a live migration back to the server where
it was a few minutes ago.... on the recipient host the VM reboots upon
migration. It gets to the bios screen and then just hangs.

So... 1) Why does it reboot, 2) Why does it then get stuck just after bios
post but before OS load, and 3) Has anyone else seen this?


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