On 16-12-09 07:46 AM, Roger Pau Monné wrote:

Sorry for the delay, there was a huge can of worms behind this. I have a
solution, but it requires patching both Xen and the FreeBSD kernel. Please bear
with me, I will send those patches once ready.

It sounds like you might know this already, but I did some more digging and here is what I can see so far...

The important command is "xl devd". Running that under truss, it is trying to open /dev/xen/xenbus and that was the cause of the No such file error. It looks like the 10.3 tools used to open /dev/xen/xenstore instead.

I can get around this by exporting XENSTORED_PATH="/dev/xen/xenstore".

Now xl devd is stuck at:

libxl: error: libxl_event.c:639:libxl__ev_xswatch_register: create watch for path /local/domain/7/backend: Invalid argument

So it seems like an API issue with asking the kernel or dom0 to set a watch for new backend devices.

Whenever the patches are ready I can test them on my system.


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