Hello Roger,
I want to know how about these three patches for freebsd, Please let me know if 
you have any questions.

these patches are listed as follows:

l  0001 patch: I introduce suspend_cancel mechanism for frontend devices.

l  0002 patch: I release all resources after hot unplug NICs.

l  0003 patch: uvp-monitor need wait until stop_all_proc has finished.

note: the uvp-monitor is a user space application in freebsd VM and it often 
reads or writes xenstore.

Best Regards
Yingdong Liu

Attachment: 0001-introduce-suspend-cancel-mechanism-for-frontend-devices.patch
Description: 0001-introduce-suspend-cancel-mechanism-for-frontend-devices.patch

Attachment: 0002-netfront-need-release-all-resources-after-hot-plug.patch
Description: 0002-netfront-need-release-all-resources-after-hot-plug.patch

Attachment: 0003-monitor-need-wait-until-stop-all-proc-has-finished.patch
Description: 0003-monitor-need-wait-until-stop-all-proc-has-finished.patch

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