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Which event specifier should I use?

I can't even run the sample:

(freebsd11 </root>) 0 # pmcstat –S RESOURCE_STALLS.ANY -O out.pmcstat sleep 10
pmcstat: [options] [commandline]
         Measure process and/or system performance using hardware
         performance monitoring counters.
         Options include:
         -C              (toggle) show cumulative counts
         -D path         create profiles in directory "path"
         -E              (toggle) show counts at process exit
         -F file         write a system-wide callgraph (Kcachegrind format) to
         -G file         write a system-wide callgraph to "file"
         -M file         print executable/gmon file map to "file"
         -N              (toggle) capture callchains
         -O file         send log output to "file"
         -P spec         allocate a process-private sampling PMC
         -R file         read events from "file"
         -S spec         allocate a system-wide sampling PMC
         -T              start in top mode
         -W              (toggle) show counts per context switch
         -a file         print sampled PCs and callgraph to "file"
         -c cpu-list     set cpus for subsequent system-wide PMCs
         -d              (toggle) track descendants
         -e              use wide history counter for gprof(1) output
         -f spec         pass "spec" to as plugin option
         -g              produce gprof(1) compatible profiles
         -k dir          set the path to the kernel
         -l secs         set duration time
         -m file         print sampled PCs to "file"
         -n rate         set sampling rate
         -o file         send print output to "file"
         -p spec         allocate a process-private counting PMC
         -q              suppress verbosity
         -r fsroot       specify FS root directory
         -s spec         allocate a system-wide counting PMC
         -t process-spec attach to running processes matching "process-spec"
         -v              increase verbosity
         -w secs         set printing time interval
         -z depth        limit callchain display depth

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