--- Comment #39 from Roger Pau Monné <> ---
(In reply to rainer from comment #36)
There's clearly something wrong there, you are not receiving as many interrupts
as you should be, this is what I usually see when running dc3dd:

irq808: xen_et0:c0                 17545         93
irq809: xen_et0:c1                 73460        391
irq810: xen_et0:c2                 65527        349
irq811: xen_et0:c3                 73980        394
irq814: xbd1                      314436       1674

(note that xbd1 is the disk against which the dc3dd is run)

In your case this is:

irq768: xen_et0:c0               4061306         20
irq769: xen_et0:c1               1951430         10
irq773: xbd0                     1652038          8
irq774: xbd1                          29          0
irq775: xbd2                      159503          1

Note the difference in the rate of interrupts (from 1674 in my case).

Can you also post the results of running `sysctl -a | grep xbd` inside the
FreeBSD guest?


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