--- Comment #14 from Bhavesh Davda <> ---
(In reply to Roger Pau Monné from comment #8)

I looked at the proposed patch to the netfront driver, and think this
introduces a semantic mismatch between the meaning of the
'NETRXF_data_validated' rx->flag between the netback driver in dom-0 and the
netfront driver in the FreeBSD dom-U.

Basically 'NETRXF_data_validated' says (from the equivalent
CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY Linux skbuff flag that the Linux dom-0 netback driver uses
for this):

 *   The hardware you're dealing with doesn't calculate the full checksum
 *   (as in CHECKSUM_COMPLETE), but it does parse headers and verify checksums
 *   for specific protocols. For such packets it will set CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY
 *   if their checksums are okay.

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