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The VM is booting in EFI mode so removing ovmf wouldn't work. I haven't tried
this issue in BIOS mode, so it may be EFI-only. I can access the dom0, but it's
not built with debug=y. I do have serial console, so I can access the Xen debug
menu. I have attached the xl dmesg.

Regarding the underlying hardware: it's a Dell R730xd with 2x E5-2630 v4 (total
of 40 threads IIRC). It is a test setup with nothing else running on it, only
the dom0 and FreeBSD 11.0 (pfSense 2.4). There is no CPU or vCPU pinning. The
reason I'm using OVMF is to have the EFI console available over the virtual
serial console (as well as the bootloader and of course the first tty).
Underlying disk is a ZVOL for the domU, there is 192GB RAM, so it shouldn't be
resource constrained.

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