On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 11:35:26AM +0100, Karl Pielorz wrote:
> Hi All,
> We recently experienced an "unplanned storage" fail over on our XenServer
> pool. The pool is 7.1 based (on certified HP kit), and runs a mix of FreeBSD
> (all 10.3 based except for a legacy 9.x VM) - and a few Windows VM's -
> storage is provided by two Citrix certified Synology storage boxes.
> During the fail over - Xen see's the storage paths go down, and come up
> again (re-attaching when they are available again). Timing this - it takes
> around a minute, worst case.
> The process killed 99% of our FreeBSD VM's :(
> The earlier 9.x FreeBSD box survived, and all the Windows VM's survived.
> Is there some 'tuneable' we can set to make the 10.3 boxes more tolerant of
> the I/O delays that occur during a storage fail over?

Do you know whether the VMs saw the disks disconnecting and then
connecting again?

> I've enclosed some of the error we observed below. I realise a full storage
> fail over is a 'stressful time' for VM's - but the Windows VM's, and earlier
> FreeBSD version survived without issue. All the 10.3 boxes logged I/O
> errors, and then panic'd / rebooted.
> We've setup a test lab with the same kit - and can now replicate this at
> will (every time most to all the FreeBSD 10.x boxes panic and reboot, but
> Windows prevails) - so we can test any potential fixes.
> So if anyone can suggest anything we can tweak to minimize the chances of
> this happening (i.e. make I/O more timeout tolerant, or set larger
> timeouts?) that'd be great.

Hm, I have the feeling that part of the problem is that in-flight
requests are basically lost when a disconnect/reconnect happens.

Thanks, Roger.
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