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I asked myself already if the disks from Xen(Server) are really CAM-disks.

They certainly don't show up with camcontrol devlist.

So they don't. I presumed they were cam, as they're presented as 'ada0'.

If they don't show-up there, why should any cam timeouts apply?

It appears they don't :) (at least, so far).

BTW: storage-failures also kill various Linux hosts.
They usually turn their filesystem into read-only mode and then you've
got to reboot anyway.

Yes, I know - it's a bit of an upheaval to cope with storage fail over - annoyingly the windows boxes (though they go 'comatose' while it's happening) all seem to survive.

I could cope with a few VM's rebooting - but to see so many just fold and panic, adds a lot of "insult to injury" at fail over time :(

[And I know, if I/O is unavailable you're going to be queuing up a whole 'world of pain' anyway for when it returns, such as listen queues, pending disk I/O, hung processes waiting for I/O etc. etc.) - but to have a fighting chance of unwinding it all when I/O recovers - would be good.


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