I am trying to boot Xen on my Laptop. FreeBSD without Xen boots fine
but when I install Xen and reboot, it gets to the boot loader screen,
prints some Xen messages and then stops on a blank screen.

I can't provide the logs as I never got the chance to look at them,
they go by very fast. All I remember is seeing some dots in a line and
then the blank screen.

I am running it on a laptop with Intel i7 4710HQ processor. Also, my
FreeBSD is installed in BIOS mode on my USB drive. Does Xen not
support boot from USB? Is there any other reason its getting stuck?
The config files I pretty much copied exactly from the FreeBSD as a
Xen host wiki page [0].

Pratyush Yadav

[0] https://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/virtualization-host-xen.html
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