On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 5:18 PM, Mars G Miro <s...@anarchy.in.the.ph> wrote:
> Hi
>  It seems that after running an instance of thunar, I get these
> tumbler sig11 crashes. This is on a most recent ports tree (as of
> today), w/ all the xfce ports up-to-date. It can't be a hardware
> problem because I'm seeing this on 2 FreeBSD xfce desktop
> installations running the same built packages, on 9.1-RELEASE/amd64.
>  Anyone else having such problems? It's pretty harmless tho.
>  Thanks!

Okay it seems that this is some thumbnailer software for thunar.
Disabling it via Edit -> Prefs -> Show Thumbnails -> <change to
Never>, and it don't crash any more.

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> cheers
> mars
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