This week-end I worked on the next stable release (0.6.0) of 

If someone is interesting to test it, you must:
1. Update your ports tree (I made change in Mk/bsd.xfce.mk)
2. Upgrade x11/libxfce4menu (you must set GTK3 option, otherwise compilation 
will fail)
3. Upgrade multimedia/xfce4-parole

If you use libxfce4menu development release, you must also upgrade 
sysutils/xfce4-settings and x11-wm/xfce4-wm.

Patches are available here [1].

This release supports **only** x11-toolkits/gtk30. So you must install theme 
(e.g. x11-themes/greybird-theme), which supports this version of Gtk.

I patched Parole, because main developers prefer to use symbolic icons (not 
available in GNOME and Tango themes), so currently I strength to install 
misc/gnome/icon-theme, to be sure nothing is missing and works fine everywhere.

Mandatory screenshot, 

top image: Parole with elementary-xfce-icon-theme (not available in ports tree)

bottom image: Parole with icons-tango (default icons theme)


[1] https://people.freebsd.org/~olivierd/patches/

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