On 07/23/2014 15:28, Olivier Duchateau wrote:
> 2014-07-23 7:35 GMT+02:00  <ga...@zahemszky.hu>:
>> Hi!
> Hi,
>> Are there any automounter solution for FreeBSD and XFCE?
>> Actually I use sysutils/automount, but I'd like something,
>> with which I can umount the mounted devices on multiuser
>> machines, too. (If I know well, there is something developed
>> in PC-BSD, but I didn't find anything in the ports.)
> I'm afraid, but currently, this is the only solution. You can also use
> sysutils/xfce4-genmon-plugin, with your own script.
> I started to code something more integrated into Xfce, (we need to
> "patch", Thunar, xfce4-settings, xfce4-desktop, in order to have
> something equivalent to thunar-volman). But currently I'm quite busy,
> and I prefer to concentrate on Parole (the latest release depends of
> GTK3 3.10 at least), and sysutils/xfce4-power-manager which is broken.
> PC-BSD perhaps uses Hal?

We have a utility in our pcbsd-utils-qt4 package called "pc-mounttray"


It monitors devd, not HAL to do device auto-detection and mounting. It
works pretty much in all desktops, being specific to FreeBSD, not the DE
you happen to be running.

Only downside is that the port is a tad stale, I will try to update it
as soon as possible :)

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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