Dear fellow simian being,

After headaches, talking to the midori developers, recompiling midori
to use gtk3, way more headaches (broken rendering, extensions, other
wonky behavior) and finally a good amount of more talking to the
midori devs, we finally noticed that the port automatically chooses
to use webkit2 for midori if a certain file (webkit2gtk-3.0.pc) exists.
I think this means that midori will automatically be build with webkit2,
if one chooses to build it with gtk3 support, but I'm not exactly sure
about that.

According to the midori devs, webkit2 support is still highly
experimental, and webkit1 should currently be the default.

So if you'd add an option to the port that allows one to choose
which webkit version to use for midori, I'd be really grateful.

Best wishes,

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