i have a dual-monitor setup here with separate screens, so i can
not drag windows from one screen to the other. I do not use icons
on the desktop, so a right-click shows the application-menu.

When i now right-clich on one monitor, the application-menu
appears, a left-click next to it makes it disappear. I move the
mouse to the other screen now and do a richt-click, the application
menu opens up on the wrong screen, centert to it.
I can remedy the problem, when i always first do a left-click in
the other monitors root-window, followed by the right-click.

My other problem existst since 4.10, maybe the is already known,
but still exists in 4.12.
I have a panel on both screens, watching a video in fullscreen
hides it, but moving the mouse to other screen the panel shows up on
top of it, as soon as i give focus to another window.
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