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Bug 199009: x11-fm/thunar : won't display svg previews without librsvg2

--- Description ---
The Thunar file manager wasn't displaying previews for svg icons.  It turns out
that graphics/librsvg2 has to be installed as a runtime dependency.

I had the same exact problem on my port, devel/gps.  This is what I am doing to
fix it:

RUN_DEPENDS= rsvg-convert:${PORTSDIR}/graphics/librsvg2

In reality, what is needed I think is
"lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/%%GTK2_VERSION%%/loaders/" but this
makes the RUN_DEPENDS tricky so I just picked an easy file to pull in the
package as a run depends.

When this librsvg2 library is installed, thunar displays svg icons fine.
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