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Ben Woods <woods...@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Ben,

> Hi Olivier / Koop,
> Just wanted to throw in my thoughts for landing ConsoleKit2 in FreeBSD
> ports, having read through PR 202269 and the Xfce devel repo:
> https://app.assembla.com/spaces/xfce4/subversion/source/HEAD/trunk/sysutils/consolekit/Makefile
> Given that this is a fork of the original ConsoleKit under the new name
> ConsoleKit2, not just a newer version, I think it should land as a new port
> sysutils/ConsoleKit2. Thoughts?
> Also, in your testing, do you believe this is ready for production now? Is
> the problem mentioned in the PR resolved (ck-list-session not reporting an
> active session)?

I use consolekit2 for a while under Xfce session and for me everything is fine. 
Xfce4-power-manager works better with it.

Moreover, LXQt supports only consolekit2 for systems without systemd. I'm also 
working on update of lxsession and it is mandatory.

Other BSD [1], [2] are switched to consolekit2.

So for me it is production ready. We can also ask to the KDE team if 
consolekit2 is supported by their desktop.



> Regards,
> Ben
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> From: Benjamin Woods
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Olivier Duchateau <olivi...@freebsd.org>
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