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thank you for looking into it.

First, I must correct myself regarding reason and frequency of crashes, as over
last few days of testing Thunar-1.6.11 I had no random crashes on rename from
within Thunar when renames are performed within single Thunar window with
single tab.

Crashes are 100% reproducible when there are two Thunar windows open, and I
rename a folder in one window which is pwd in another window. This also happens
when another application (I tested with easytag) renames folder which is pwd in
Thunar. Multiple tabs within single Thunar window do not crash in this scenario
(renaming directory in one tab which is pwd in another tab).

Above described crash throws this to console:
GLib-GIO:ERROR:glocalfilemonitor.c:433:g_file_monitor_source_handle_event: code
should not be reached
Abort (core dumped)

I also noticed that Thunar, when invoked from console with `thunar', was
started in daemon mode once. Consequent invokes started it in standard mode.
What influences this?

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