I am building my own packages in poudriere, and latest update broke
quite a few things regarding looks of my XFCE desktop.

I am using mostly defaults of greybird-theme-3.18.0, overriding fonts
to terminus-font-4.40 in xfce4-terminal-0.8.4_1 and mousepad-0.4.0_2.

In xfce4-terminal, menu does not have spacing anymore, it looks like
this: FileEditViewTerminalTabsHelp. Preferences window is completely
unusable. Font was reset from 'terminus' to 'nothing', and I had to
re-select terminus but now it is called 'xos4 Terminus Regular'.
Scrollbar is gone.

mousepad's menu is ok, and 'terminus' is selected as font, but not
respected until I re-selected 'xos4 Terminus Regular'.

right-click menu in firefox-53.0_3,1 has no spacing, and there's no

I have no idea where to look at source of the problem as I don't see
any changes in greybird-theme.

Thank you in advance for any hints on fixing this.
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Marko Cupać
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