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(In reply to Olivier Duchateau from comment #3)
> (In reply to Guido Falsi from comment #2)
> COVER plugin requires API user key for (stored in tumbler.rc
> file), and by default (in configure script) this option is disabled. User
> must create an account on this host in order to use this plugin.
> Tumbler already provides 2 plugins for video thumbnails (GStreamer and
> Ffmpeg), I thought it was enough.

This does not invalidate having a COVER option.

GStreamer and FFMpeg will extract a frame from the video(sometimes just a black
one). This is quite different from getting movie art like a poster from a

We can "fix" the problem of requiring registration to the website with a
pkg-message, and also adding a note in the option description (like "requires
additional configuration"). Also, this is a port, if upstream provides the
option we need some good technical reason to remove it.

You did not specify the reasoning behind the removal of the other options.
Since they are there we have to account for users who maybe find them useful.

If they work correctly there's no reason to remove them.

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