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--- Comment #1 from Guido Falsi <> ---
I'm testing a similar patch myself. You were quite fast.

BTW I noticed you're adding USE_LDCONFIG=yes, but that's not really necessary
even if portlint says it is. While the ports does install a library it's not a
library for other software to link against using the system linker, it's loaded
dynamically by the panel.

Also, setting USE_LDCONFIG=yes is equivalent to setting it to ${PREFIX}/lib,
and that's the only directory new libraries will be looked up when installing,
so, since this port installs it's .so library in another location, this is
really a nop.

I also noticed other xfce4 ports have USE_LDCONFIg set, but not really needing
it. No need to perform a commit just to remove that but I wil try to remember
to clean that in the future.

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