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> (In reply to Guido Falsi from comment #23)
> me:\
>   :charset=UTF-8:\
>   :lang=en_US.UTF-8:\
> Of course, I checked each time if changes were applied with `locale' and
> they were.
> Thank you once again for looking into it. The bug doesn't bother me much as
> it happens so rarely, still it would be nice to have it solved for the sake
> of software improvement.

From what I see it's a font problem. The panel plugin seems to be crashing when
it, for some reason, can't find the correct glyph, but could also be a problem
in downstream libraries.

At least we now know the encoding isn't the main cause.

It will be necessary to work with upstream to solve this, since I don't know
the details of X11 fonts management.

You should file a bug report in the XFCE bugzilla instance [1], and reference
it here, so they are informed and help us.


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