thank you for XFCE 4.14, I've just upgraded to it. So far I have
encountered a few problems:
 - I was using greybird theme on 4.12 as well, but now after the
   upgrade I have ugly black background in title bar of each window
   (window manager). It seem to affect other themes as well.
 - my wallpaper has disappeared after the upgrade, had to set it again.

The second one is actually non-issue, but the first one really bothers
me. Anyone else experiencing it? Any tips how to fix it?

Thank you in advance,

I really Love xfce, Or I can just go back to fluxbox. but that's not
the point. 

Hopefully someone can write a patch for this bug. 

here is from xfce.org it self.that the Bug has been report it as well. 
thank you in. Advance.

Sincerely Aaron H Farias Martinez


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