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I do not need to provide output from "ps -ax | grep -i saver".  I know only one
screensaver was running at any given time.  I have stated which screensaver was
initially running and just fine prior to this bug.  I also stated only one
screensaver was running at time of bug and there was no screensaver issue prior
to the upgrade of 12 October 2019 14:58+000 UTC.  I also stated how I tested
both screensavers x11/xfce4-screensaver and x11/xscreensaver ensuring only one
screensaver was running at time and ensuring a clean slate by rebooting and not
just killing process and starting a new/different screensaver process that may
leave artifacts that could either cause the same bug to occur when otherwise
would not or cause a different bug that would otherwise not occur when staring
system with a clean slate.

One has to test from known reference point.  This is why the first thing I did
was reboot the system after the upgrade.  There are key libraries that were
upgraded which means all kinds of mismatched structures/offsets and similar
that can result with such core system and/or DE libraries upgraded unless the
system is rebooted after such key core libraries are upgraded.

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