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This bug is much worse than I was assuming.  I had to be away from the system
for 30+ minutes and when I returned the screen was blank with no response to
keyboard nor mouse.  I had to do a forced reboot.  There was no screen saver
running prior and I have crossed checked since rebooting the system, XFCE, and
and "ps -ALF" no screensaver is shown as running.  Something is trigging the
screensaver or something is blanking the XFCE desktop such that the keyboard
and mouse do not allow either to wake the XFCE desktop up from what is clearly
a screensaver like event based on the timeouts of the screensavers when either
screensaver was active.  This is beginning to look like a ghost screensaver is
some manner is running, but not as a process name one would see a a
screensaver.  Again this is only started to occur since the pkg upgrade' 12
October 2019 14:58+000 UTC.  The 'pkg upgrade' of 02 October 2019 03:26+000 UTC
that included updates to the  x11/xfce4-screensaver and x11/xscreensaver ports
did not cause any change in the XFCE screensaver prior to the 'pkg upgrade" 02
October 2019 03:26+000 UTC.

This is a more serious problem than was thought and I never thought I need to
test the system for a screensaver like behaviour after disabling both
x11/xfce4-screensaver and x11/xscreensaver in the XFCE Settings Startup that
also shows neither is running.

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