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Bug 241291: x11-wm/xfce4-wm: XFCE Suspend Does Not Complete When Click
"Suspend" Prior to Suspend Default Delay Time of 30 Seconds

--- Description ---
This issue is being logged against x11-wm/xfce4-wm as it was the only XFCE port
item that was updated  via the "pkg upgrade" of 12 October 2019 14:58+000 UTC.

bug #241267 was still in play.

For the first time since the "pkg upgrade" of 12 October 2019 14:58+000 UTC
(due to as yet unreported bug) I selected the XFCE "Suspend" 15 October 2019
19:35:18+0000 UTC.  XFCE presented the usual Dialogue widget "Suspend" "Do you
want to suspend to RAM?" "Suspending computer in xx seconds" where the "xx"
started at 30 and only reached 29 due to my using the mouse to click the
"Suspend" button of the Dialogue widget and not the "Cancel" button.

After 2 minutes the system had still not suspended.  The XFCE clock displayed
"2019-10-15 19:35:19+0000 UTC" (the one second took to click "suspend button)
per the customized date format configured just after installing XFCE mid July
2019.  "xx" was still 29 and the XFCE "Suspend" Dialogue widget as noted above
was still displayed as well as the XFCE DE behind the "Suspend" Dialogue
widget.  The mouse was still active, but the XFCE DE and "Suspend" Dialogue
widget were not responsive (expected behaviour for suspend in progress) to any
mouse click action.

CRTL-ALT-F2 presented VTTY2 as expected.  CTRL-ALT-F9 returned to the above
noted XFCE DE, "Suspend" Dialogue widget, "xx" still at 29, mouse responsive,
no responsive mouse clicks to XFCE DE nor "Suspend" Dialogue widget.

I tried to use scrot on VTTY2 to capture the stated of the XFCE DE as noted
above.  scrot would not allow from VTTY2 as there was no X Session active on
VTTY2.  I was not able to take any pics due to long standing issues with SD
cards in my phone.

I left the system in the above noted XFCE DE state, Suspend" Dialogue widget,
et al as I had to go out.

On my return 16 October 2019 00:50+0000 UTC (5.5 hours late) the system state
as noted above, XFCE time displayed of "2019-10-15 19:35:19+0000 UTC", "xx
still 29, et al remained.  The system had not even blanked the screen

At 16 October 2019 00:55+0000 UTC the xfce4-screensaver (currently configured
for while back active) blanked the screen and bug #241219 presented itself. 
Through some possible keyboard actions I know from testing bug #241219 I was
able to return to the previous XFCE DE state, Suspend" Dialogue widget, et al
as noted including mouse state as noted still same.

I changed to VTTY2 and issued a "sudo reboot"  During the shutdown one CLI
message appeared in red to effect of XORG error, but there was no time to copy
down the message and even if I the SD card issues of my phone did not exist it
is likely I not even have time to take a pic of this XOrg error message and
other messages that may be related.

FreeBSD 11.3 and XFCE were installed mid July 2019 with no problems nor issues
in use of XFCE DE until the "pkg upgrade" of 12 October 2019 14:58+000 UTC. 
The last "pkg upgrade" done was 02 October 2019 0326+000 UTC and presented no
issue with the XFCE DE as had been case and expected since the install of mid
July 2019.
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