Instalei em um HD identico ao seu e deu a mesma mensgaem.

Mas a instalação foi feita com sucesso e estou usando a máquina

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Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 5:59 PM
Subject: [FUG-BR] Problema instalacao FreeBsd 5.2

> Ola gente, estou com um problema na hora de instalar o FreeBsd, a msg q
estar dando é "In the next men, you will need to set up a DOS-style (fdisk)
partitioning scheme for your hard disk. If you simply wish to devote all
disk space to FreeBsd (overwriting anything else that might be on the
disk(s) selected) then use (A)ll command to select the default partitioning
sheme followed by a (Q)uit. If you wish to allocate only free space to
FreeBsd, move to a partition marked "unused" and use the (C)reate command.
> Warning: A geometry of 77622/16/63 for ad0 is incorrect. Using a more
likely geometry. If this geometry is incorrecty or you are unsure as to
whether or not it's correct, please consult the Hardware Guide in the
Documentation submenu or use the (G)eometry command to change it now.
> Remember: you need to enter whatever your Bios thinks the geometry is! For
IDE, it's what you were told in the Bios setup. For SCSI, it's the
translation mode your controller is using. Do NOT use a "phusical gemeotry"
> O HD q estou usando é um Samsung SP0411N LBA 78,242,976  40GB
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