estou tentando instalar o net-snmp pelo /usr/ports/net-mgmt/net-snmp porem qnd 
digito make install aparece a seguinte msg na tela. O meu ports esta atualizado.
You may use the following build options:
WITH_INETADDRESS_HACK=yes       builds with the inetaddress hack
WITH_TKMIB=yes          Install a graphical Perl/Tk/SNMP based mib browser
WITHOUT_DUMMY_VALUES=yes        Provide 'placeholder' dummy values where
                                the necessary information is not available.
WITHOUT_PERL=yes                Do not install the perl modules along with the 
                                of the net-snmp toolkit.
WITHOUT_IPV6=yes                Disable IPv6.
DEFAULT_SNMP_VERSION="3"        Default version of SNMP to use.
                                Default system contact.
                                Default system location.
                                Default log file location for snmpd.
                                Default directory for persistent data storage.
NET_SNMP_MIB_MODULES="host disman/event-mib smux mibII/mta_sendmail 
mibII/tcpTable ucd-snmp/diskio"
                                Optional mib modules that can be built into the
Dependency warning: used OpenSSL version contains known vulnerabilities
Please update or define either WITH_OPENSSL_BASE or WITH_OPENSSL_PORT
*** Error code 1
Stop in /usr/ports/net-mgmt/net-snmp.
Como faco pra resolver este probema

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