sei que a pergunta pode estar mais fora de epoca mas eis aqui uma 
duvida que o /usr/src/UPDATING nao explica muito:

        The native preemption has been added to the kernel scheduler.
        There is some report that the ULE scheduler was broken in some
        machines and we encourage users using the ULE scheduler either
        stick with a known good kernel, or temporarily switch to the 4BSD
        scheduler as a workaround.
        ULE has entered into its probationary period as the default scheduler
        in GENERIC.  For the average user, interactivity is reported to be
        better in many cases.  On SMP machines ULE will be able to make more
        efficient use of the available parallel resources.  If you are not
        running it now, please switch over, replacing the kernel option
        SCHED_4BSD with SCHED_ULE.

        Quero saber: quais sao as diferenca entre ambos os escalonadores e que 
problemas foram reportados no ULE.

        Se alguem pudesse me fornecer alguma informacao ficaria grato


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