Este documento explica o funcionamento do escalonador da sÚrie 4.x e o ULE da

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 22:59:07 -0300
Rodrigo Mosconi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Lista, 
>       sei que a pergunta pode estar mais fora de epoca mas eis aqui uma duvida
que o /usr/src/UPDATING nao explica muito:
> 20040702:
>         The native preemption has been added to the kernel scheduler.
>         There is some report that the ULE scheduler was broken in some
>         machines and we encourage users using the ULE scheduler either
>         stick with a known good kernel, or temporarily switch to the 4BSD
>         scheduler as a workaround.
> (...)
> 20040125:
>         ULE has entered into its probationary period as the default scheduler
>         in GENERIC.  For the average user, interactivity is reported to be
>         better in many cases.  On SMP machines ULE will be able to make more
>         efficient use of the available parallel resources.  If you are not
>         running it now, please switch over, replacing the kernel option
>         SCHED_4BSD with SCHED_ULE.
>       Quero saber: quais sao as diferenca entre ambos os escalonadores e que
problemas foram reportados no ULE.
>       Se alguem pudesse me fornecer alguma informacao ficaria grato
>       Mosconi

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